Bio Sculpture Gel For Your Nails

Biography Sculpture Gel nails are getting to be popular in many aesthetic salons, my personal judgment is that they are fantastic! Since becoming qualified as a Bio Sculpture Solution nail technician I have been over whelmed by the demand for this product, therefore I now give attention to my nail work.

Here are several reasons why Biography Sculpture Gel nails are so great…

1 ) They are in my experience, does not ruin the nail. When the gel is removed, your natural nail will look as good as new, where acrylic nails are likely to damage and weaken the nail. BIOS chip for desktop

2. Both contribution or extensions are available. Overlays cover the duration of your natural fingernail. The overlay protects your nail, meaning they may develop strongly! Extensions mean you can get yourself some diva-like nails but hese are more expensive. 

3. It is available in a stunning range of both plain and radiant colours. My favourite must be “pillar box” (Very shiny, VERY red).

4. That they last a long time and are almost computer chip free. Its is determined by what you do. Should your into gardening or another form of heavy work then life expectancy on the nail front might go through! Nevertheless , I was alternatively impressed. I actually do your typical day-to-day jobs but mine lasted a good 3 weeks without chipping.

5. It is easily removed by a short saturate in a special solution, any residue is then removed by light polishing.

6. The Bio Statue training programme ensures that only qualified nail technicians have access to the product, which means that you can be confident that you will get an awesome end to your nails.

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