Book Review for: “A Clash of Kings”

The review for: A Battle of Kings
Written by: George RR Martin
Bantam Books
ISBN: 0-553-10803-4
Get: print & eBook
4 Stars

Martin pens a worthy follow-up to his fantasy epic, “A Video game of Thrones, ” with “A Clash of Nobleman. ” Mainly set on the land of Westros, several men guard the crown of the several kingdoms. Will there be a victor? In the east, Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, tries to find a way to come back to Westros. Clash Royale Cheats

The story starts with the key characters seeing a comet in the sky. Each has their own personal interpretations of the comet – good and bad. The things i liked about Martin’s use of the comet was how he evoked “an impending sense” about what would definitely happen and what was unavoidable. This tone lingers in the reader’s mind as the story enfolds. 

Stannis, the prior king’s rightful heir, has turned to sorcery and believes the time is right to attack Westros and secure his throne. With his backers and sorceress, this individual sets out to complete his inevitable mission.

In King’s Landing, the 13-year-old king, Joffery, demonstrates vicious brutality and little matter for the subjects who follow him. It’s up to his uncle, Tyrion Lannister, to protect the location and carry out rights. Tyrion has quite a challenge considering the hurdles in his path.

Tyrion’s father, Tywin, fights south west of King’s Landing, but is not able to defeat Robb Stark’s forces or secure his son, Jaime’s, freedom.

Ayra Stark finds herself at Harrenhal, serving first the Lannisters, than Robb’s man, Bolton, and she must rely on all her wits to stay surviving. Will Syrio’s lessons demonstrate enough?

For the west, Pelota Greyjoy, self-styled king of the iron islands, episodes the northern coast. His son, Theon, returns to a prodigal greetings and finds his sister contains much favor with their father. Wanting to earn prestige in his dad’s eyes, he attacks the Starks at Winterfell.

Grain and Rickon flee Winterfell and are presumed useless. North of Winterfell, Jon Snow and the Nights Watch explore beyond the wall in order to determine the nature of the impeding threat.

Catelyn Stark journeys to Storm’s End and has an adventure before returning to Riverrun where she is determined to support her son, Robb. An volatile confrontation with Jaime Lannister towards the end of the storyline settles several issues on her.

In the southwest, Renly Barathron makes ideas to attack King’s Touchdown, but first he or she must deal with his brother, Stannis. In the far the significantly east, Daenerys leads her Khalhaser through barren land before finding hope in the location of Quarth.

Martin’s story is told from several perspectives, giving the novel its epic imagination feel. The writing is sharp and never remains, moving from event to event at a sharp pace.

Martin’s characters provide the story its heart. To get Daenerys, her character is escalating in inner strength and resolve. Theon’s deception is heartbreaking, while Tyrion’s genuine approach as the King’s Hand had me rooting for him despite the darkness behind the Lannister’s bright colors.

“A Conflict of Kings” stirs a passion within the heart, making someone feel as if they’re a dark night in Westros. The only drawback, while minor for me, were the wide open plot points at the end of the book. While several ends were tied up, new ones developed. There’s no sense of satisfaction by the end simply a restless anxiety that claims to continue with “A Storm of Swords. very well Martin, though, has myself hooked, so I’ll read to learn what happens next. Some, however, may find the unresolved ending irritating.

Who will be the king of the six kingdoms? Joffery? Renly? Stannis? Balon Greyjoy? Robb Bare? “A Clash of Kings” promises surprises, fast-paced action, and will leave you anxious to read the next book in the series. Overall, “A Conflict of Kings” will leave you breathless and seeking to really know what happens next.

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