Ethics For Your Energy Business

Before you begin any business you need to determine what the goal of the business is, and what your integrity are. These can change as the organization continues, but you should start which includes sort of a compass.

When you are educating classes in energy work you might have found several different teachers. Educators teach us great activities to do, but may also educate us things we no longer want to pass on to others. At some time we have all felt not comfortable at a class or have taken something that was said, personally. You take away with you what benefited you and leave the remainder behind. Most of the class activities that you have experienced will help you to set standards for your own teaching. Your own code of ethics may play an important roll in your power business. energiecollectief

Make a decision how your purpose for your business harmonizes with your ethics. As an example, let’s imagine your purpose is to show Reiki and put more healing lightworkers away into the world, but then an individual instruct your students how to teach their future students. The fear may be if your experienced school members commence teaching others then you have fewer individuals to instruct in your classes. Obviously the money that is paid to you for these classes is probably the most basic for your fears. About the other hand, if you are getting paid to teach a category of those who have recently been practicing for months to become Master/Teachers, and you leave out important information to help these groupings become the best professors they could be, what do you think has been said about your code of values? This is merely one of these of how you can skade the business you have worked extremely hard to create. 

Before you commence your energy business write down what you hope to accomplish and then create a code of integrity to match your goal. Many business owners rely upon word of mouth for his or her advertising. Keep in brain that it is better to maintain a good reputation it is to fix a bad one.

I actually work with energy and teach different sorts of healing modalities such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, essential oils, sound healing and the metaphysical properties of stones. My home is SLC, UT and I actually also live part of the time in MT. I love teaching in both places, as the energy of the people is evidently different. We also enjoy designing and creating one of a kind pieces of charms.

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