Facebook Chat – An Addictive Online Activity?

To talk about that Facebook is hard to kick is to state the obvious. A whole whole lot of folks just cannot live without Facebook — they put it to use to check on friends and family, talk about news and gossip, works games and pranks etc. But another facet of Facebook that has really turned regular internet users into Facebook addicts is chatting. html chat code for my website

Yes, Facebook discussion is one of the reasons why millions of men and women visit and stay for hours on Facebook day-to-day.

Here’s how functions: By simply default, the moment you login, you are shown as online in the Facebook chat widget that appears at the device bar at the end of any Facebook page. Unless you click “Go Offline” in the Options of facebook or myspace chat widget, you will be seen by friends as “online”.

And imagine what. Chances are you will discover a notification of a new chat meaning from an associate. If you have few friends, the natural way, this won’t likely happen. But if you have friends in the hundreds, then be prepared to accept chat messages. 

Speaking online is just one way of communicating with contacts, friends, and family instantly. It is not something totally new, but because Facebook developers is aware that chatting is one of the top activities online, they added this to Facebook.

What makes chatting on Facebook hard to kick to some is the fact you chat with real friends and associates you really know and not some stranger as you would experience in other chat networks. Therefore a simple “Hi” talk message from an extended lost friend could become a hour-long reminiscing “do you remember the old days” session. And before you know it, the one hour turns into two hours.

Then another discussion notification comes up, this time from another friend. And not for long, you will find yourself communicating with two or eight people. Yes, it occurs. This might not exactly be a huge deal if you’re not busy, but if you are at work, this could kill your time and delay your work.

Another reason why Facebook or myspace chat is addictive is that Facebook makes it so convenient. No more need to login to another website or software (like Yahoo Messenger or Skype) just so that you can talk to your Fb friends in real time. The chat bar is always there, and you will even pop out a discussion window, so you can continue chatting even when you have left Fb, providing you are still logged in.

The sole thing missing from Fb chat is video and audio tracks chat. However, there are third party software that will allow one to chat with your Facebook friends using online video and audio. Now think about how considerably more addicting it could be if audio tracks and video were put into Facebook chat.

To avoid habit to Facebook discussion, I recommend not answering to chat messages from friends whom you understand like to chat for several hours, or letting them know that you can only chat for a certain number of minutes. Speaking on Facebook is stimulating can be productive, this means you will be done without automatically being addicted to it.

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