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More than a decade ago Fatcow was born, with the idea of making web hosting simple and affordable. They make it even cheaper when customers claim a Fatcow coupon–many are offered frequently ranging from thirty-five to forty five per cent off the basic price of just sixty-six dollars a year for the total plan. The Fatcow policy supports not simply cheap, simple web hosting, but also alternative energy and customer satisfaction.¬†GoDaddy Renewal coupon

The Full Strategy 

Fatcow is not a site with confusing technological jargon and pricing methods. They provide two ideas: Full and MiniMoo. Website hosts get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, mailboxes and SQL databases, and websites. One domain name, website builder, shopping cart and script barn are free. Plus, an SSL-secure storage space with unlimited sub-users. The current Fatcow coupon can take fifty pct off the full package price, rendering it monthly charge of just $3. 67 a month (forty-four dollars a year). The package features 50 bucks in Google AdWords credit, $25. 00 in Google and Bing Search credit, a ShopSite online shop, WordPress publishing platform, a totally free Green Pages listing, and 50 dollars in Facebook Ad credit.


This option was created for many who just want a domain name and email account to get their endeavors started. Kinds have the option to either post an universal “site under construction” or use SiteDelux to build their own web-page. Presently there is a MiniMoo Fatcow coupon offering an email account with a forwarding plan for five us dollars a year. MiniMoo highly recommended for those just starting a business or who want to make use of it as a placeholder for multiple domains.

Going Green

Fatcow is not capable of producing wind power themselves; instead, the business purchases Replenishable Energy Certificates to counter their energy usage. This kind of reduces the amount of energy on the ability grid created by fossil powers (the environmental monster), and promotes wind energy. This kind of means all of their customers have green sites too, acquiring free down-loadable Green Badges for their sites.

The “Heifercratic Oath”

Astounding Fatcow coupon offers and green incentives are not the only excellent top features of this company. The “Heifercratic Oath” was applied to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The MooCrew promises to call clients within the first 7 days and nights, welcoming them, answer their calls within two minutes every day, and provide phone support based only in North America. They will promise to fix issues when they are brought up (or set a date), maintain friendly, remain proficient, and send out opinions surveys for improving.

Fatcow offers deals on web hosting no-one can complete up. All-inclusive (and more) packages start off cheap, and with a Fatcow coupon the prices are breathtaking. Now, it is just forty-four dollars a 12 months for unlimited domains, disc space, bandwidth, mailboxes, and SQL databases. Let alone a free website builder, e-commerce software and script barn. With all the highest rated customer service, most inclusive web hosting and advertising tools, and the least expensive prices out there, Fatcow has quickly become the most popular web hosting site since 98.

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