Heat Therapy – Arthritic, Aging Dogs

The storyline started out with a 14 year old lab called Luey. The last 12 months of his life this individual had many issues with arthritis and loss of mobility due to hip problems. After trying different medications, that produced numerous, unwanted side effects, we decided to look for other available choices.

We discussed possible options with our in long run vets plus they made all of us aware of the advantages of a therapeutic dog coat and this added us on our search. After endless research and learning the benefits associated with high temperature therapy, these products we found were limited to gel pack and ceramic combined coats. The gel features were difficult to control the temperature and we were worried about the opportunity of both being poisonous to the pet. This added us to formulate the Healing Comfort Coat. http://hundepsykologer.dk/

This product incorporates a radiant temperature fabric into a wool outer shell. The bright fabric is breathable and reflects 92% of the animal’s natural heat back again to afflicted areas; in this instance the hips and vertebrae. The degree of temperature is determined by the quantity of inflammation present in the areas in which the fabric is placed. This boosts the stream of blood to these areas, thus increasing air and essential nutrients that help reduce the irritation, pain and stiffness, increasing mobility and helping in the rehabilitation process. As well, the fabric is non-toxic/non-carcinogenic. 

Your canine coat gives owners an alternative to medication, an option providing you with immediate pain relief, using heat remedy without side effects.

We have used the coat in many situations; agility training, arthritic dogs, injury or surgery recovery with positive results in all applications. I suppose necessity is the mother of invention.

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