Physician Office EHR – Why Take the Plunge Now?

There are plenty of Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions available on the market today. Many are built and priced for large group practices, and more are more modest. All of the viable EHR programs must conform to standards that the government has placed for “certified” EHRs that meet meaningful use conditions and offer the functionality to make required quality steps reports.

At its primary, an EHR is employed to document information collected during a patient visit and make that information available for future visits. What sort of visit is documented becomes important because the EHR also will “code” the visit for billing automatically. The EHR process of coding needs a detailed look at what was documented and can be applied optimized billing codes, therefore generally bettering the amount billed for services. EHR

The HITECH section of ARRA provides new incentives for your practice to put into practice an electronic health record (EHR). Formed in 2150, the Leapfrog Group has for many years been advocating advancements in patient safety for acute care through the use of Computerized Service provider Order Entry (CPOE), Evidence-based hospital referrals, and NQF Safe Practices. In recent years, Leapfrog’s focus has expanded to add safety in ambulatory practice as well through advocacy of EHRs, electronic prescription checking, and disease and wellness management programs. Therefore, you’ve recently been considering an EHR. Or perhaps you haven’t. This kind of is why you should: 

ARRA: ARRA provides up to $44K in motivation payments to a doctor to implement and significantly use an EHR

Increase Reimbursement: Having an EHR usually drives billable health care up because most doctors tend to under-code trips

Improve Patient Care and service: With an EHR, you have the capacity to take part in pay for performance programs as well as useful knowledge about your patient populations. An EHR makes it possible for electronic review of person’s health background in a single, easy-to-find location. Misplaced charts can even be eliminated as well as pulling graphs for patient calls, appointments, diagnostics or prescription/refill needs. An EHR provides automatic notification of required checks, exams, or follow-ups for patient care. It can also get back more time for your staff to do outreach to specific groups of patients, i. e. diabetics. An EHR can potentially reduce medical errors while increasing your office’s communication with other physicians. You will get access from home to the graph and or chart when the ER phone calls you at 2am. Research laboratory results can be automatically be added to the chart through the use of interfaces. Critical or alert values can automatically be flagged and helped bring to your immediate attention.

Cost Savings: An EHR facilitates self-service patient websites, thereby reducing front and back office costs. A great EHR can also eliminate the costs of processing charts, and chart transcribing. An EHR facilitates more space in the office as paper chart processing areas are reduced and provides the opportunity of improved supporting documentation in case of malpractice claims.

In the end, it’s more a question of when you will implement an EHR somewhat than if. Set up ARRA incentives are not enough to sway you, you have to ask yourself whether you’ll be able to deliver the same quality of treatment and service as other practices which may have an EHR?

Jim Filkins, Director Health care Services Group, TechAlliance

With a specialty for health care services providers, Sean and his team upgrade, recommend, implement and maintain Information Technology management systems for hospitals and private medical practices. Jim’s history includes positions as CIO at a Chicago Community hospital; Director of Organization Development; Technology Consultant and Network Manager for visible healthcare organizations. Recognizing the value of real-time information ease of access for healthcare providers, Sean brings the good thing about over 15 years of information management experience as this individual guides his team from solutions planning through execution.

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