The First Three Steps To Health

I have heard it said you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Very well then, the single thing you should strive to never lose is your health. Will you be sick, or know somebody who is? A large number of things improve health, but the three most important things you can do is: leech oil

1. Avoid Trans fats

2. Detoxify heavy metals and toxins

3. Supplement with healthy nutrition.

Avoid Trans fats

Will you use Margarine? Most of us do. I stop, when I found that Trans fats are one of the greatest causes of cancer. Many everything we eat these days are made with Trans fats. Eliminating the biggest culprits is very important! Margarine, shortening, and peanut butter are all created using oil. However their structure has been altered to get them to last a bit longer. This hydrogenation process also makes them more dangerous. 

Two German Doctors and noted cancer researchers in the 1930’s learned a reason and a remedy for cancer. Doctor Otto a Nobel Prize victor in 1931 proved that cancer happens when there is a deficiency of oxygen to the cell. Cells lacking of oxygen mutate into anaerobic cancer cells. They will then divide and increase in numbers using sugar for energy in a fermentation process. Around the same time another scientist and several time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Budwig expounded that lack of oxygen was caused by Trans excess fat invading and smothering the cell.

Trans fats incorporate with this bodies natural lipid disorders, which can be used to layer, protect, and make cellular walls. This new bad cholesterol Trans fat mixture is thickened and harder to penetrate. It is hard for insulin to enter in cells with this fortified barrier, resulting in type 2 Diabetes. When this mixture lines our blood vessels it causes blockages and Arteriosclerosis.


Toxins can be any substance or chemical that can cause illness or injury. Chemical substances are in everything we consume, drink, breathe and use. Many of these chemicals are considered to be hazardous; others haven’t been researched yet.

Most of our foods are filled with chemicals aid freshness and enhance taste etc. Also fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals. Soda pop is made of chemicals. Our water has chlorine and fluoride in it. Air pollution contains dangerous fumes that invade every living thing. Household cleansers, hygiene products, and so forth are made of chemicals.

Our body can simply excrete a tiny portion of the toxins they are exposed too. Damage to the liver and kidneys brings about more toxic build up. The body places excess harmful substances where it can do the least damage, mostly in the fat cells. Even so toxins still accumulate in all of our cellular material and organs.

They have linked many illnesses with toxic degrees of heavy mining harvests. Examples: Alzheimer’s with aluminium and Autism with mercury. Some kinds of cancer like multiple myeloma is associated with environmental toxins. Is usually it really a surprise that so many people are sick? Everyone needs to Detoxify.

Dietary supplement

The American diet is packed with fat and chemicals, but lacking in important needed nutrients. Even if you follow the RDA and try to eat a healthy diet you are still malnourished in important nourishment. It would take all day and then some to eat all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to be healthy.

Chemicals can lessen the nutrients from feeding our cells. Cola for instance is known to leech calcium from our bones. Plus the dirt our crops are expanded in have become exhausted of minerals and infected with chemicals.

That is why supplementation is so important. Most experts recommend supplementation and say that the recommended levels are far too low. For example the government may recommend that we get four hundred mg of Vitamin G, but if our blood vessels was tested, it could show that we would be deficient.

Vitamins, minerals and herbs can do several things to keep us healthy and restore our health. When we catch a chilly Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinachea helps all of us improve faster. Wounds recover faster with Vitamin C and Zinc. Antioxidants support immune system and battle infections. Studies indicate that cancer patients are Nutritional D deficient, and this adding 1100 mg daily increased their prognosis.

Weather you want to get healthy or stay healthy staying away from Trans fats, detoxifying, and supplementing are incredibly important. These types of practices all help feed our cells. If our cells are deprived of oxygen, polluted, and no longer get what they need, how can we be healthy?

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