The Joys of a Pico Reef Fish Tank

Primarily when i first began the hobby of ocean aquariums I wanted the largest, the hottest and the best of the seafood tanks I can find. The first tank I began was 200 gallons and had over 20 seafood in it. It required me months to get it up and operating and even then We were never satisfied. My spouse and i was always cleaning, or adding new corals, or taking care of ill fish. I then determined that this tank was too much to me. I actually decided to move to something a little smaller. I moved to a 50 gallon tank and gave a lot of my stuff away to friends. Once it was done cycling and i also had it packed with coral it still was not striking the area for me. I made the decision I needed a challenge. My spouse and i moved onto a new type of tank that was all the anger, a Pico reef container. 10 gallon fish tank

A pico reef reservoir is the same is the big ones, only it’s less than 5 gallons. My first one was 3 gallons and it was amazing. The best part regarding these tanks was that you could force them anywhere. You didn’t have to have a big stand or some comprehensive system in place; all you needed was a table top or counter top. 

To start this little adventure I found a tiny all glass aquariums. That was 3 gallons. I actually then decided on using a tiny cabinet as the stand. This allowed myself to keep almost all of the filers and pumps covered from view. I used a second 3 gallon tank as the filtration. I used all natural filtration. Once this Cresta reef tank was create I could not stop finding the perfect coral formations to go along with it. I continued to add coral and prawn until it was full!

I really could not stop with one tank. Now every room of my house has a tiny reef storage containers in it. These reservoirs range from 1 ) 5 gallons to 5 gallons, nonetheless they are all beautiful!

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