Use Gaming Headset Audio To Your Advantage

Many of us have played against the guy that seems to always know where you are. Seems to have spidey-senses, knowing when most likely trying to sneak up behind him. I used to feel that guy just had a lot of time on his hands and somehow joined with his Xbox/PC/PS3. Participating in far more than anyone should. I truly presumed this until I received a set of earphones to learn on my Xbox 360. Guns of Boom Hack

Magically I had been able to hear things I did not know were there. Persons jumping, items being captured, doors opening and most importantly footsteps. This exposed up an entire new sense that was once unidentified to me. Soon my scores were improving, individuals were wondering how I recognized these were behind me, I actually was that guy. 

Audio tracks cues are essential in competitive gaming. As you can’t see your opponent and you simply may know where they are you are at a disadvantage. You can use music cues to determine out where your opposition is. Knowing where your opponent is a huge advantage if he won’t know where you are.

When you in the beginning begin using headphones you’ll hear a lot of sounds that you have never heard before. Pay attention to what each sound means. A “ding” may suggest a power up was found. If you know where the switch on is located, you know where your opponent is. Games such as Tremble have other audio tracks tips; a grunt can symbolize that an opponent is jumping. Is there a place where a person would have to jump multiple times to get to; possibly a sniper nest or some bonus item? You must distinguish what each set of disturbance often means. Maybe a door opening then a series of jumps means you opponent has located him self in a location to ambush you when you walk through the door. All these scenarios may be used to your advantage.

The addition of footsteps in video games let’s everyone pretend they’re clairvoyant. Hearing for footsteps can be considered a huge advantage. Listen carefully as you turn a large part; are there footsteps around the nook? If there are, start shooting before your challenger turns the corner. He could be wondering how you knew he was there. You can use actions to figure out where in a building someone is. If you know there are players in a space, use the actions to calculate where they are. As you enter weapons blazing, you can actually point your crosshairs much quicker than others.

Headphones assistance to provide an improved gaming experience. They’ll allow you to hear all the small nuances the developers put into the game. They help to immerse you in to the environment. Explosions will boom, atmosphere will be set by the soundtrack, small noises like shells hitting the floor will allow you to enter the game world.

Chris J. Shelter is an avid everyday gamer. With family and work, he can’t make the time to participating in competitively as he do in his younger years.

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